Best side gigs for young moms

Just because you’ve had a baby, it doesn’t mean you have to stop making money. In fact, you might find that time at home inspires you to start a new career path. This guide will cover the best side gigs for young moms.

Start a YouTube channel

Do you like to make videos? Do you like to tell people how to do things? Why not start a YouTube channel! A lot of moms have started their own YouTube channels. If you can grow an audience large enough, you could make some serious money. Be warned, though, not everyone that makes a YouTube channel is successful.

Write blogs

Do you love to write? Look for a topic that many moms can relate to and start writing blogs. You could be an expert in baby-proofing or things to do with toddlers. A lot of people are looking for great content on these topics, so if you think this is something you enjoy doing, give it a shot!

Start an e-commerce store 

If you can make things or can sew, think about creating your own products and selling them online. You could sell pyjamas, baby clothes, crafts you have made. A lot of people are making a killing online. Look at this successful e-commerce store that sells vape kits UK for marketing ideas.

Become a virtual assistant 

Do you have a computer and an internet connection? If so, you can be a virtual assistant. Many small to medium-sized companies outsource their administrative work because they don’t have the time or employees to do it themselves. You could also find work with a company that manages many social media accounts.

Become a nurse

Maybe you’re not ready to leave the workforce. If that’s the case, consider nursing school! A lot of moms go back into the workforce after having kids and many find themselves in admin roles. Nurses can often find jobs in their field and work part-time, allowing them to spend more time with their kids.


Do you love having kids around? Then consider babysitting! You could watch children in your own home or, if you have the equipment, start watching kids at other people’s homes. Some parents are comfortable with just dropping their kids off and returning later, others want to be able to see what you’re doing on camera. Think about your needs and preferences when starting this side hustle.

Become a social media influencer

With more and more people using social media on a daily basis, it’s becoming easier to make some serious cash on there. A lot of young moms are taking advantage of this trend by creating their own accounts or becoming sponsored by companies. Like YouTube, Instagram is a hot spot for these types of social media influencers!

Become a personal trainer

Maybe you have always wanted to become a personal trainer. Well, now is your chance! A lot of moms are starting this career path because it offers great flexibility and there are no heavy lifting requirements, allowing them to work around their kids’ schedules. Also, personal trainers can usually negotiate their own rates and hours.


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