Best Gourmet Gifts for Teachers

During the pandemic, more than ever, parents have come to appreciate the huge amount of effort that teachers put in every day to educate and care for their little ones. If you want to show appreciation for your kids’ teachers, don’t wait until the end of the school year: with Thanksgiving around the corner and other festivals such as Diwali, Channukah, and Christmas following shortly after, grab the opportunity to brighten up a teacher’s day with one of these gourmet gifts. Make sure that you know about any food allergies, intolerances, and other dietary restrictions they have first, though—perhaps you can give your little ones a secret mission!

Cheese and wine

When you think of cheese gift baskets, the accompaniment which comes to mind most immediately will either be charcuterie or crackers. The folks over at Cabot, however, are taking things one step further by providing their customers with expert advice on which wines to pair with each of their cheeses. They even offer a handy guide on how to sample wine like a pro! With this pairing guide in hand, you don’t need to spend loads of money—just one carefully selected pair will put a grateful smile on your favorite teacher’s face.

Gourmet chocolates

A box of chocolates is perhaps the ultimate go-to gift for acquaintances, friends, and relatives alike, and for that reason, buying any old run-of-the-mill chocolates can make it look like you didn’t put much thought into the gift-giving process. The equation changes, however, with gourmet chocolates, which are often made with single-origin cocoa and filled with marzipan, liquor, and other delicacies. These Mozartkugel chocolates, for example, a specialty of Austria, will make a very thoughtful gift for a music or German teacher—or for any chocolate lover, really!

A balsamic vinegar tasting set

One for the die-hard foodie in your kid’s school, a balsamic vinegar tasting set—such as this one from the aptly named company Tasting Collection—is sure to provide the ultimate gourmet experience. Balsamic vinegars, a specialty of Modena in northern Italy, can be as varied in their flavor as wines. A great accompaniment to a balsamic vinegar tasting set is a basket of assorted bread loaves, which the recipient can use for dipping.

A spice microplane grater

034 SALT & PEPPER [THE DINING TABLE ESSENTIALS] - stainless steel grater. natural wood stand. himalayan salt rocks & java long peppers. stylish gift pack.

A microplane grater is a grater with extremely fine teeth which is used for grating salt, pepper and other spices. While to the non-foodie this may seem like unnecessary effort, those who take their cooking extra seriously will revel in the fragrant flavors that freshly grating salt and spices into food creates, as opposed to using the pre-ground varieties you most commonly see in supermarkets. Some models of microplane graters, such as this one from Rivsalt, come with little wells to serve high-quality salt and spices in, such as the pink Himalayan salt rocks and Java long peppers you see in the picture. Unsurprisingly, the Rivsalt website also offers a spice guide to help cooks choose wisely. Who said that pairing guides were just for wine?

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