Baked5280 Review

I love supporting small businesses, and when I came across Baked5280 on Alignable, I knew that I had to contact them right away!  After a few messages back and forth, Zach and Samantha delivered some muffins, right to my door in exchange for my review.

I was able to try four different muffins; banana, triple berry, blueberry and a chocolate chip peanut butter.  The muffins were delivered in a white pastry box, sealed with their logo. I wasn’t quite sure which muffin I wanted first because they all looked so delicious.  D.J. was out of town this past weekend, so the first thing I did was take a picture and send it to him to rub it in!  Then it was time to eat.  I approached the muffins like I would a box of assorted chocolates… a bite out of each one. Of course, Anthony was hovering over my shoulders, itching to take a bite along with me.

We started with the chocolate chip peanut butter muffin, and after the “mmmmmm,” he told me “these don’t even need butter!”  And he was right!  There’s a little bit of Paula Deen in me somewhere, where I think that everything needs more butter, but the muffins from Baked5280 didn’t!  They were so moist, and almost melted in your mouth.  Next up in the lineup was blueberry.  Now, I’m not usually a blueberry anything fan, mostly because the blueberries in everything taste fake and dehydrated, but the blueberries in the muffin from Baked5280 were FRESH!  I saw it with such enthusiasm because these days, finding real, fresh foods can be difficult.  I can only imagine how amazing these muffins are in the summer when blueberries are locally in season…Zach and Samantha, I can place my order for those now, right?

Not only does Baked5280 have fantastic muffins, their pretzels are amazing!  If you’ve been following Mom’s Bistro for a while, you know that D.J. and I  are big fans of the local breweries in town.  We have one pretty close to home called 38State, and usually when we’re there last (pre-pregnancy), we had a pretzel… I mean, common, a local beer and a fresh pretzel, it’s like a match made in heaven.  Well the pretzel was delicious.  It was very soft, with a nice bite still, which is hard to do here in the dry Colorado climate, and it wasn’t overly salty, it complimented my beer very well.  I never put two and two together, but these delicious pretzels that I was raving about to my friends came from this same bakery!  Baked5280 definitely knows what they are doing.

Baked5280 delivers their fresh, natural handmade baked goods and sweet treats to the Denver Metro Area.  And, a portion of their sales are donated to a local animal shelter!  Whether you’re looking for baked goods for a work meeting, a birthday party, open house or even a home delivery, give Baked5280 a call, or order online on their website!

All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway by Baked5280.

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