Back To School Giveaway!! Easy Lunches with Revolution Foods NEW In A Cup!

I can’t believe that my baby is off to school in exactly a week!  Seems like just yesterday, we were potty training, and he was still my little baby who wanted to snuggle on the couch watching Blue’s Clues.  Now, he’s a big boy who sits on the couch by himself, eating a snack he made himself and doesn’t need Mommy as much as he used to.  I’m excited for him, and this next step in his (and my) life, but it breaks my heart that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.


With back-to-school comes school lunches.  Growing up in Canada, we didn’t have school provided lunches, so it was up to Mom to make me a packed lunch every day.  I hated packed lunches, they were always warm at lunch time, and the sandwiches were mushy and stuck to the top of my mouth – still to this day, I can’t do a sammy on plain bread!  Until high school, my schools never had a microwave, or anything to heat your meals with – looking back now, it was really crappy for lunch time, but I digress…

Since my school days, lunch options have greatly increased, and there are so many choices out there.  Mom’s are finding healthy, creative alternatives to the processed food crap that school cafeterias are pumping out.  I found Revolution Foods early in the summer when I tried their Lunch Bundles.  The Lunch Bundles were absolutely fantastic, and a great alternative to the processed, meat product Lunchables we are used to.  The Lunch Bundles are filled with nuts, fruit, crackers and all sorts of YUM!


Recently, Revolution Foods has released “In A Cup.”  They are noodle bowls that you just need to Shake It To Make It!  I love this, because what kid doesn’t love noodles?  In a Cup is a new to the company’s growing product line of healthy, affordable, on-the-go meals and snacks, making noodles available in a delicious, easy product that can be taken to school or eaten on the go! They have three different flavors; Sesame Noodles, Spaghetti Marinara and Thai Style Satay (which is gluten AND peanut free).  They are made with real veggies, provide 8 to 10 grams of protein per serving and 12% to 20% of daily recommended fiber values, and they have no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.


Each noodle cup comes with the noodles, a sauce, veggies and even a spork to eat them with!  Everything you’ll need for lunch in one convenient cup.  To make the noodles, you just open the packages, and dump it all into the cup and then microwave it for 60 seconds.  The cups are of course, microwave safe and are BPA free!

We received Sesame Noodles and Spaghetti Marinara to try.  Anthony was impressed with both, but he definitely preferred the sesame noodles.  And when he saw there was a third variety, asked me to go to the grocery store so that he could try that one too.  He can’t wait to bring his “noodle cups” to school as part of his lunch!


After tasting both noodle bowls, we are very impressed and are excited to try the thai-style noodles.  I will definitely be purchasing more of these for Anthony’s lunches!

And because we loved Revolution Foods In A Cup so much, we’re giving some away!  One lucky reader will receive a gift valued at $50 that includes:

  • Two In A Cup products
  • a Bixbee lunchbox and
  • 4 free product vouchers

To win, leave a comment below with the flavor of In A Cup you want to try most, and your favorite lunch snack!

Good Luck!

Although we did receive a a free sample of In A Cup, all opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced in any way!


  1. The sesame noodles sound yummy! My favorite lunch snack is red pepper hummus and pretzels!

  2. Jodi Monroy

    Sesame noodles. My favorite lunch snack is celery with peanut butter.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the post. Sounds like a great product. We’d love to try the Sesame noddles. Our favorite lunch snack is almonds with jack cheese cubes and dried cranberries.

    Love the blog btw. Great tips to keep me sane.

  4. Sheila heino

    Would love to win and try spaghetti marinera

  5. Charity Terry

    I am super excited to try the sesame noodles! Our favorite lunch snack is Grapes!

  6. Shelley Townsend

    Sesame Noodle sounds delicious

  7. Sesame sounds good!

  8. I want to try the sesame noodles. My favorite snack is yogurt

  9. I would love to try spaghetti marinara in a cup. Yum!!!

  10. Crystal Beckner

    Thai noodles look like a hit! much better than “ramen” noodles.

  11. Would love to try the spaghetti marinara. Not sure if my daughter (who will also be starting kinder) will have access to a microwave, but if they do, this would be great! Thanks!!

  12. the marinara looks delicious! i love a good apple and pb

  13. I think the spaghetti with marinara would be a hit with my son – I would love to try the Thai style Satay

  14. I would like to try the Thai Style Satay Noodles first.

  15. I want to try spaghetti marinara and I like trail mix as a snack

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