Get Ready For Back-To-School With August’s Menu – Only $229 For A Month of Kid-Friendly Dinners!

I apologize that August’s menu is so late!  But, it is definitely worth the wait!  August’s menu has 31 days of dinners with the grocery lists and recipes for only $229!

august menu plan

Can you believe that it’s already time for back to school?  I feel like every month, I am shocked that the month is already here, and am questioning myself as to where the time went!  August is a really big month for us.  Anthony is off to kindergarten!  I am pretty emotional about this since I’ve been with him every single day, even when I was working, I was in the same building as him – I’m really gonna miss having my little buddy and my official taste-tester around all day.  I am also really happy about him going to school.  He already has a friend who will be in his class, and he is going to make all sorts of new friends, and learn all sorts of new things.  I’m also excited for the new opportunities that I’m going to get.  We’re moving on to a completely new phase of our lives.  Anthony is officially a big boy.  For me, this means some alone time to create and share my recipes, and also a chance to expand my horizons and add some great lunch recipes, fun ideas and even weekly lunch menus.

Once school starts, I will be sharing a weekly lunch menu including the grocery list and recipes.  You can look for this on Fridays, so make sure that you’ve signed up to receive e-mails, and get access to lunch menus early!

sugust menu plan budget

I really love August’s menu!  It is full of easy kid-friendly dinners, with some fun, new recipes!  Like in other months, the new recipes will be shared throughout the month to keep content fresh.

Try to buy in bulk if you can.  Getting ready for this month, I bought 7 pounds of ground beef for only $14!  Thank you Costco.  Our local Sprouts also had chicken breast for $1.77 a pound.  Shopping around and remembering the sale trends has really helped me save money on groceries, and keep your stomach and wallet full.  If I missed an ingredient, forgive me, I am human!  Just take a look at the recipes before hitting the grocery store to make sure you have everything you need.  If you’re still looking for some ways to save money on groceries, these 8 Tips will stretch your dollar even further!

august menu grocery list

For a FREE printable version of the menu, grocery lists and recipes, scroll down to the bottom for a pdf version.

Week One

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 1.33.27 PM

August 1 – 6

Monday, August 1
pasta with bacon and peas

easy 20 minute pasta with bacon and peas
– use half package of bacon and save other half for dinner tomorrow

Tuesday, August 2
chicken caesar salad or chicken caesar salad wraps
– use the rest of the bacon from Monday

Wednesday, August 3
cheesy chicken and rice casserole

Thursday, August 4

Friday, August 5
homemade pot stickers – NEW!

Saturday, August 6
spaghetti and meatballs

crockpot spaghetti sauce

cheese stuffed meatballs surprise meatballs italian meatball recipe spaghetti and meatballs moms bistro
– freeze leftover spaghetti sauce in 2 containers for dinner later in the month
– if you have the time, make the pizza pasta bake for later in the month and freeze it for a quick dinner

Week Two

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 1.33.35 PM

August 7 – 13

Sunday, August 7
crockpot bbq chicken
mashed sweet potatoes

Monday, August 8
sesame noodles with chicken and broccoli

sesame noodles chicken broccoli

Tuesday, August 9
bbq chicken quesadillas
– with leftover bbq chicken
creamed corn

Homemade Creamed Corn

Wednesday, August 10

Thursday, August 11
sloppy joes

sloppy joes with hidden veggies 20 minute meal moms bistro
french fries

homemade french fries best fries oven baked french fries recipe moms bistro

Friday, August 12
english muffin pizza
– pepperoni and cheese included in grocery list

Saturday, August 13
chicken and veggie skewers
– substitute bbq chicken skewers if you prefer

Week Three

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 1.33.41 PM

August 14 – 20

Sunday, August 14
baked mac and cheese


Monday, August 15

Tuesday, August 16
diy nacho bar

ultimate nacho bar

– cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, lettuce and jalapeños included in grocery list
Wednesday, August 17
chicken cutlets
mashed potatoes
mixed veggies

Thursday, August 18
breakfast for dinner
– eggs and bacon included in grocery list

Friday, August 19
– hidden veggies not included in grocery list

never fail bbq meatloaf recipe moms bistro 30 minute meatloaf recipe kid friendly meatloaf
sweet potato fries

Saturday, August 20
– use leftover frozen spaghetti sauce

Week Four

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 1.33.55 PM

August 21 – 27

Sunday, August 21
beer can chicken
– substitute herb and garlic roasted chicken if you prefer
foil pack potatoes
peas and carrots

Monday, August 22
beef stroganoff

20 minute ground beef stroganoff recipe moms bistro
mixed veggies

Tuesday, August 23
– taco shells, cheese, lettuce and tomato are included in grocery list
– hidden veggies not included in grocery list

taco night 20 minute ground beef tacos tacos with hidden vegetables week night meal taco tuesday moms bistro
– make crockpot refried beans to accompany dinner if you wish, and freeze leftovers for dinner next week
mexican street corn

Wednesday, August 24
chicken noodle casserole

Thursday, August 25

Friday, August 26
pizza pasta bake
– use leftover frozen spaghetti sauce
– make this ahead of time when you make the spaghetti sauce for an easy dinner

Saturday, August 27
homemade chicken nuggets

Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Hidden Vegetables Recipe
– hidden veggies NOT included in grocery list
french fries and broccoli

Week Five

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 1.34.03 PM

August 28 – 31

Sunday, August 28
twice baked potatoes

twice baked potatoescorn on the cob

Monday, August 29
homemade ramen – NEW!
– we’re only using the noodles, so ditch the flavor package

Tuesday, August 30
bean tostadas

15 minute dinner bean refried beans tostada taco recipe moms bistro week night dinner easy
– if you want, make refried beans on taco night and use the leftovers for an even easier dinner
chips and salsa

restaurant style blender salsa recipe moms bistro homemade salsa

Wednesday, August 31

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August 2016 Budget Menu Plan

August 2016 Recipes


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