Aromatherapy Blends

As I promised, here is a little list of aromatherapy blends, and some blends for different aches and pains!

Try mixing these into a massage bar, or just blend with the carrier oil of your choice and enjoy the pure bliss of relaxation.


circulation healthy hands painrelief spiritualblend insomniablend Grief Blend antidepressiveblend stimulantblend enhancedmemoryblend carrier oils


  1. Wendy Price

    Some of the pictures don’t show up. Can you email me the recipes?

  2. LoveI love your site! This is the best, simplest recipe site I’ve seen. Covers everything!

  3. Just so I’m understanding this, you’re adding these recipes to the carrier oils?

  4. Tammie smith

    When making these blends do we put in a roller ball?

  5. Nice article…keep it up

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