Ahhh… Relaxing! #52Lists

#52 Lists
Things I Find Relaxing

 sleep
 listening to music
 sewing
 blogging
 snuggling with Anthony
 snuggling with D.J.
 the sopranos
 cooking
 hot showers
 bubble baths
 twisty runs
 driving in a convertible
 sleep

I didn’t write last weeks list, because to be honest, I’m not too into fashion, and do not know who my fashion icons are. I mean, I like pearls, Tiffany jewelry and Coach purses – but that is basically the extent of my “fashion”. I’d rather wear a long flowy tie-dyed dress that was made by a small company.

This weeks list did get me thinking though – about what I find relaxing. I do not have much time to relax anymore – my Anthony keeps me going. If I only had half the energy that Anthony has. He just goes, goes, goes – and never gets tired. But, I did manage to think of a few things that I find relaxing. When I get the chance to take a hot bubble bath, I find myself going to Lush, buying a new soap and a bath bomb, and then I pour myself a glass of wine, and drop into the bath with a good book. Ahhhh… so relaxing.


I know it sounds funny, but The Sopranos is another relaxing thing for me. I love that show. D.J. and I have watched the entire series about five times together, and catch the odd episode here and there. It just calms me down, and the story captivates me every time – even though I know what is coming.


And, of course – cooking relaxes me. I just love being in the kitchen and creating recipes, and trying new ingredients, and seeing what flavors blend together well – and what just doesn’t work. There is something soooo soothing about the sound of a piece of meat hitting a hot frying pan, and sizzling away. But, my favorite part of it all is watching my families faces as they enjoy dinner, and watching them savor the flavors. Knowing that I made my family happy and full definitely makes me able to relax.

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What do you like to do to relax?

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