7 Best Gifts For Your Coffee Lover Friend

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your friends? Your gift doesn’t have to be pricey to be meaningful, but can be a simple mug or flask that says something witty and makes them laugh. If they’re coffee lovers, you’re in luck, because here’s a list of the best gifts you can give to the real coffee lovers.

1. A Manual Coffee Grinder

Now this isn’t something an ordinary person would appreciate. It takes years to build such a relationship with coffee that actually makes one crave the perfect quality of brew which can only be achieved with a manual coffee grinder. There are a lot of options depending on your budget. If you want to explore the best picks, visit coffeelovers.reviews. More expensive models give you the choice of selecting from a variety of grinding options. What we love most about these coffee grinders is the evenly ground coffee, minus the variable consistency you get every time.

2. Coffee Mugs

You can never have enough of these. A mug with a sarcastic/punny message never fails to bring a smile on your loved one’s face. Not only that, but it adds to their collection which they can display in their kitchen or bedroom shelf. You can get these mugs on literally any online store or even better, get your own printed from a printing shop nearby.

3. Coffee Scented Body Lotion

Ever asked a coffee lover what they love best about their coffee? Chances are their answer is either its smell or the feeling of the first sip kicking in and opening your eyes. So why not gift them a coffee scented product which they can sniff all day. A coffee scented body lotion is the ideal gift for such coffee lovers. Why?

Because it smells great. And secondly, they get to enjoy the best part without actually consuming coffee. You can either get that or a complete set which includes shower gel and hand creams that are coffee scented too.

4. A Milk Frother

If you’re to gift the essence of coffee to your friend, then get them a milk frother. Nothing like getting a coffee shop like coffee at home. A milk frother opens a wide array of options your coffee lover friends can try from the comfort of their home and by staying within a budget. It makes brewing simple and your coffee more enjoyable than ever. Probably the one appliance that barely requires maintenance, milk frother is definitely on our coffee lovers’ gift list.  I have a Nespresso, and my milk frother is my favorite part of it.  Even Anthony can make me lattes with it.  By the way…. teach your kids to make you coffee.  It works out in your favor!

5. Travel Thermos

There’s nothing like a thermos that keeps your coffee warm and fresh on your way to work. They fit in your car’s cup holders, stay cool on the outside regardless of how heated it is getting on the inside (exactly what your coffee does to you). Depending on the user’s consumption, you can select from different sizes. Travel thermoses are also available in funky shapes and forms, or funny messages to top it all.

If you want to keep it affordable, this is what you should be getting.

6. Coffee Filter Paper

Now this might not make up for the perfect gift individually, but you can always pair it up with another item on this list. Filter papers can be paper ones or permanent ones. Paper filters might seem like an affordable idea, but permanent filters outweigh this price difference in only a few days’ time with their quality.

Although paper filters are better at blocking granules from passing into your coffee, permanent filters are more durable and don’t need to be restocked. In the end, its all a matter of choice and how one prefers to have their coffee.

7. A Coffee Gift Basket

What’s better than gifting an item from the list above? Giving all of it together. A basket with their favorite coffee, a coffee mug, a printed T-shirt and other coffee appliances is bound to cheer your friend up. This basket can have coffee chocolate bars, biscuits, breads or anything that says coffee in the grocery store. To say the least, all items in your gift basket would follow a theme and will satisfy their crazy cravings for coffee.

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