#52Lists – Some of My Favorite Flowers

This weeks list had me looking around on Pinterest and Google for pictures of flowers, and info about growing my own!  I’ve always wanted a little green house where I can grow flowers and herbs and my own veggies, yet I kill every plant I get, so this is a dream that has been put on hold.  I love flowers, but defiantly suck at growing them or even keeping them alive after D.J. buys them for me!  Last week for Valentines Day, D.J. bought me some beautiful lillies.  They are still alive – believe it or not.

This weeks list also made me thing a bunch about each flower, and why it is one of my favorites.  Yellow lillies have always been a personal favorite of mine, they remind me of spring, and all the things that go along with the season.As I made my list, I had to take a few minutes and remember my grandma.  The second flower (or my second favorite)  is a pink rose.  My grandmother loved roses, and I always remember my granddad bringing her pink roses all of the time.  It always made her day, and he loved doing it for her.  They even had pink roses planted in their garden.  You know, I’m surprised that she never candied some flower petals and then dip them in chocolate, or grind up flowers into her chocolate.  Haha!  My grandfather always brought me home flowers too, which I loved because I felt special like my grandma did when she got flowers.  He used to go raspberry and strawberry picking a lot, and there was a little pond/lake by the place he picked berries, and would always bring me home the most beautiful pussy willows that grew wild around the pond.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

These lists have been great to take a moment aside and think about things that I don’t take enough time for.  If you want to join, or see other peoples lists, click here.

What are some of your favorite flowers?  Share them with me!

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