52 Lists – Favorite Smells

I discovered this last week from another blog that I follow, Taste of MoonGoddess who discovered it from MeetMeAtMikes. Basically, every week a new list is going to be posted, and you take time to create your version of the list. MeetMeAtMikes has links to other people who are doing their own variety of the lists, and #52Lists is the twitter hashtag if you’re into Tweetin’.

So, I’m about a month behind – but that’s okay. I am going to start with this weeks list, Favorite Smells.


Smells bring me back to memories, and make me reminisce just a little. I don’t know why, but every time I smell chocolate, I think of my grandma, and her kitchen. She was always creating something with chocolate. Her house even smelt of chocolate – I don’t ever actually remember another smell in that house. There was chocolate everywhere. Everywhere.

I also like the smells of essential oils – and all of the essential oil blends that are out there. I have so many essential oils, and my collection keeps on growing!


I really think that this weeks list was perfect because it ties into a project that I have been working on to share with my followers. And that is a whole list, with images of aromatherapy essential oil blends, for all different purposes. They should be done by the beginning of next week – just in case someone cares.

What is your favorite smell? Share your list with me!


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  1. LOVE IT! & now I really want something chocolate. mmm. brownie making time?

    Looking forward to the aromatherapy list & the weekly list. Glad to have company on this adventure!

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