5 Reasons You Should Get an Instant Pot

Think about it- a lavish three-course meal sitting at your table as you come home after a tiring day. Who won’t like it? But unfortunately, painting this dream in real life requires time, patience and loads of effort. However, this doesn’t mean you can never have such royal feast ever in your life. For starters, if you ever plan on preparing a lengthy yet delicious menu for your loved ones, what you need is an Instant pot in your life (and kitchen). This probably isn’t the first time you have heard about this life-changing pot and in case you have been on the fence about buying an instapot, here’s a review that dives into all the available models and sizes to help you find the right one for you.

Let’s find out why exactly everyone is obsessed with instant pot these days:

1. Replaces Multiple Kitchen Appliances

The one thing that separates an instant pot from all other kitchen appliances is the fact that its multi-purpose. You can use it as a slow-cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer and for all your sautéing. Depending on your cooking skills, you can even make ice creams and bake cakes in your instant pots. This is the reason that most people that start using instant pots eventually give up on so many other appliances.

2. Huge Time Saver

Instant pots save time in two ways- one, they bring down the overall cooking time and two, with an instant pot, it’s more like a “fix it and forget it” kind of situation. Recipes that involve a lot of steps, can be handled efficiently with an instant pot. You don’t have to shift ingredients from one pan to another, saving you the extra clutter as well. Most processes such as steaming, sauté, pressure all can be done in one pot and that is what reduces the over-all cooking time.

3. Explore and Experiment

If you have ever struggled with different food items or have always wanted to try different cuisines without the fear of wasting a lot of effort and time, then the solution to both these queries is easily solved by instant pots. With instapot, you can expect rice, vegetables, stews and broth to be prepared instantly. Tough meat combinations turn out to be absolutely juicy and tender, and if this doesn’t satisfy you enough, you can actually experiment preparing all kinds of items- be it dessert or dinner or cuisines like Mediterranean or Asian.

4. Save Energy

In comparison to ovens, stoves and other gadgets, instapots don’t make your energy bills go crazy. The reason for this is simple- you can perform multiple functions in one pot and also the cooking time decreases. Other than the soaring bills, with stoves, ovens and traditional appliances, one has to be really cautious-pressure cookers being the most famous for both food-based and physically damaging disasters. Instant pots are safe to use and have never been reported to blow out. With due care, instant pots are going to save your day and dinners, instead of ruining them.

5. Easy Cleaning

The cleanup is a real back breaker when it comes to cooking. Fortunately, instapots are the easiest when it comes to cleaning. As complicated as the appliance may appear to be, your daily routine dishwasher or hand cleaning can do the job for you. While the outer body rarely ever needs cleaning, the inner pot can be removed and washed without any hassle. And in case your lazy days strike you early, you can simply use the steam function and add in water and lemon juice to do your job. Along with this, instant pots come with a extensive warranty period, therefore you don’t have to worry about your pot frying any time soon.

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