5 Fuss-Free Ways to Create Great Art at Home

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford a Da Vinci or a Matisse, or even a painting from a budding artist, for that matter because art is expensive. For those with artistic abilities and some sense of crafting, this is not a big deal because their homes are always filled with art or DIY’s they have made themselves. But for people without a single artistic bone in their body, having drab walls and empty spaces has to make do in lieu of art.

Worry not, though, because here are 5 ways you can create easy, fuss-free art at home.

1. Do a Watercolor Wash

Watercolors are perhaps the easiest medium one can work with. The colors are beautiful, you can just add water to lighten them, and they glide onto the paper seamlessly. Get watercolors in tubes or palettes if you plan on creating more art in the future, get a watercolor sheet (Canson 300g watercolor sheet is recommended), take a few brushes (get your hands on Cotman or Daaler-Rowney for better performance), squirt a few blobs of complementing colors on the sheet and water them down with a lot of water.

You can paint the entire thing or create an abstract design, whatever suits your fancy. Frame it and put up a series of such paintings adjacent to one another and you have got yourself an artsy wall.

2. Tape it

Tape the canvas for a clean, abstract design and paint the entire canvas with watercolor, oil paint or even acrylics. The possibilities are endless with this one. Maybe create an origami shaped bird, geometric shapes, 3D designs (all easily available on the Internet) or maybe even create your own design to add your own personal touch. Once the paint dries, take off the tape and that is one beautiful piece of art you just made. Wow!

3. Use a Sharpie

This is perhaps the easiest one. Download easy to follow art designs from the Internet, trace them on to a sheet of paper, and outline the design with a plain black Sharpie. While amazing alone on a wall, a series of consecutive paintings will also add that extra oomph in your house, pulling the look together.

4. Pour it

A relatively new but an easy way of creating gorgeous artwork; acrylic pouring recipe is all the hype nowadays. This is, quite literally, pouring acrylics layer after layer on canvas and waiting for it to dry. It takes much longer than an average painting, maybe even days. Unless you want a mess of fingerprints on your hands, don’t touch the paint while it’s soft. Once dry, it truly becomes a statement piece. One word of advice though, make sure you have a clean room and a clean surface to work on because dust WILL settle into the layers of acrylic otherwise.

acrylicpouring.com is an excellent resource if you want to learn more about this technique.

5. Stamp it

You don’t need to buy fancy stamps to make this art. Just a sheet of of rubber, cut into a shape and stick on a piece of wood. Dip it into paper and put it on a canvas. You can even take cut up vegetables like lemons, oranges and cut up sponge to create unique art. If you want to go an extra mile, stamp the entire wall at properly spaced intervals.

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