30 Facts in 30 Days

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Well, Hunger Action Month is over, and that means so is learning a new fact about hunger in our community and the Food Bank every day.  Although it’s no longer Hunger Action Month, there is still so much we can do!  For example, for the first two weeks of October, I am participating in the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina’s Food Stamp Challenge!  DJ and I will be living off of $4.15 of food a day each!

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, supplies resources so that no one in the 34 communities that the Food Bank serves go hungry.  The Food Bank has over 900 partner agencies like soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters and offers incredible programs for children and adults in their six warehouses in Durham, Greenville, New Bern, Raleigh, the Sandhills (Southern Pines) and Wilmington.


30 Facts in 30 Days Revisited

September 1
For every dollar donated, the Food Bank can distribute $10 worth of food or 5 meals

September 2
The Food Bank is a first-responder in the time of a natural disaster.

September 3
The Food Bank provided nearly 840,000 lbs of disaster relief product after hurricane Irene last year!

September 4
The Food Bank serves 34 counties in central & eastern North Carolina through six warehouses!

September 6
The Wilmington branch is celebrating their 10th anniversary this fiscal year!

September 7
Currently, 900 partner agencies receive food from the Food Bank

September 8
In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, the Food Bank distributed 11.7 million pounds of fresh produce.

September 9
Four Food Bank branches, Durham, New Bern, Sandhills, Wilmington, had record distribution in 2011-2012.

September 10
97 cents of every dollar donated to the Food Bank goes directly to food and food related programs.

September 11
In 2011, volunteers logged 157,000 hours, equivalent to 70+ full time employees.

September 12
In 2011-2012, the Food Bank distributed a record 45 million pounds of food.

September 13
The Food Bank’s 19,000 square mile service territory is roughly the size of Switzerland!

September 14
There are for than 560,000 individuals at risk for hunger in the Food Bank’s 34-county service area.

September 15
34% (over 190,000) of those at risk for hunger in the Food Bank’s service area are children.

September 16
The Food Bank’s program, Three Squares for CENC, helps individuals apply for Food Stamp benefits.

September 17
30% of Food Bank client households have at least one working adult.

September 18
The Food Bank rescued over 13 millions lbs of retail food last year items close to code or dented cans.

September 19
We’re not just all about cans! Over 1/2 of the food we provide is perishable: fresh produce, meat & dairy.

September 20
40% of Food Bank clients have to choose between food and paying for utilities or heating fuel.

September 21
The Food Bank’s Kids Meals & More Program include: Kids Cafe, Weekend Power Pack, Kids Summer Meals.

September 22
During 2011-2012, the Food Bank’s Weekend Power Pack Program provided 58,822 backpacks to children on the weekend

September 23
In the summer of 2012, the Food Bank’s Kids Summer Meals program provided more than 120,000 meals to children.

September 24
During 2011-2012, the Food Banks Kid Cafe program provided 214,824 meals to children after school

September 26
Not only did the Food Banks volunteers set a record for volunteer hours in 2011-2012, so did the Durham and Wilimington branches.

September 27
The Food Bank has seen a 48% growth in distribution over the last four years

September 29
The Food Bank’s fleet of 16 trucks travel over 400,000 miles a year!

September 30
The Food Bank is part of Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger relief organization

1 in 6 Americans suffer from hunger everyday, and there is so much that we can do.  Together, DJ and I are starting a fundraising campaign for the Food Bank in the month of October, our goal is $500 for the month.

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Miss Lindsie


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