30 Facts in 30 Days – Day 6

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It’s already day six of the 30 facts in 30 days campaign!  In the 34 counties that are served by the Food Band, there are over 500,000 people suffering from hunger.  Learning about the Food Bank, and how they make a difference, can teach you how you can make a difference to help light up hunger, and be a hunger hero in your own community.

Today’s Fact:

Four Food Bank branches, Durham, New Bern, Sandhills, Wilmington, had record distribution in 2011-2012.

Here’s a couple FAQ right from the Food Banks website:

Where does the Food Bank get its food?

The Food Bank obtains food from the following sources:

  • 59% Local donors (grocers, growers, packers, and manufacturers)
  • 11% Feeding America (formerly America’s Second Harvest)
  • 5% Other food banks
  • 21% State and federal governmental sources
  • 4% Food drives (company, civic, school, religious and individual food donations)

How much food does the Food Bank provide?

In the fiscal year 2010-2011, the Food Bank distributed 42.7 million pounds of food. That amount is equivalent to over 21,000 pounds per operating hour or 18,000 meals an hour. Since inception in 1980 through 2010, the Food Bank has provided more than 354 million pounds of food.

Today, with all of the generous donations, $1.00 equals 5 meals!  With all the money that we spend at Starbucks, on our fancy $5 coffees, we could be providing 25 meals to a family.  So why not skip your coffee, and donate that $5 to help a family in need in your community.  One in six people are hungry.  Help when you can.


30 Facts in 30 Days Revisited

September 3
The Food Bank provided nearly 840,000 lbs of disaster relief product after hurricane Irene last year!

September 4
The Food Bank serves 34 counties in central & eastern North Carolina through six warehouses!   

September 6
The Wilmington branch is celebrating their 10th anniversary this fiscal year!

September 7
Currently, 900 partner agencies receive food from the Food Bank 

September 8
In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, the Food Bank distributed 11.7 million pounds of fresh produce.

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