30 Facts in 30 Days – Day 5

Hey y’all!

I wanted to first apologize for this post being a day late!  I had to work yesterday, and didn’t get a chance to share the fact about the Food Bank with you!

Today’a Fact:

In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, the Food Bank distributed 11.7 million pounds of fresh produce.

 WOW!  Not only are these families being helped getting canned food, cereal, juice, frozen food, fresh bread, toiletries and home needs, they are getting fresh produce.  The Food Bank is such an amazing organization – they are sharing their blessing from the donations of all sorts of other companies, individuals and farmers with these people in need.

This is straight from the Food Bank’s website about their Fresh Produce Program:

Fresh Produce Program

Fresh produce is a vital part of a healthy diet and good nutrition. The Food Bank strives to provide high quality food through many avenues, including the Fresh Produce Program.

In August, 1998, the Food Bank began increasing the acquisition and distribution of fresh produce – and reducing the amount of edible and nutritious food trucked to landfills. Through partnerships with local growers and packers, the Food Bank distributed 8.6 million pounds of fresh produce in the fiscal year 2009-10.

In all, over half of all the food distributed by the Food Bank is perishable product: not only fresh produce, but also protein rich meats and dairy items.

I cannot wait to go back and sort through those sweet potatoes again, and maybe even eggs, and learn something more to be able to share my blessings by giving back.


30 Facts in 30 Days Revisited

September 3
The Food Bank provided nearly 840,000 lbs of disaster relief product after hurricane Irene last year!

September 4
The Food Bank serves 34 counties in central & eastern North Carolina through six warehouses!   

September 6
The Wilmington branch is celebrating their 10th anniversary this fiscal year!

September 7
Currently, 900 partner agencies receive food from the Food Bank 

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