November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

30 Days of Kid-Friendly Dinners With FREE Printable Weekly Grocery Lists For $200 Including Thanksgiving Dinner With A Bonus Thanksgiving Menu and Grocery List

November alas!  If you’re like me and make your own Christmas gifts, I’m sure you’ve already started making your lists if not already started making your goodies.  I’m still in the planning stages of Christmas, but I have already figured out this Thanksgiving thing.  I am so excited to share this months menu with you, on top of the easy, kid-friendly recipes I always include in my monthly menus, I have also added a simple Thanksgiving Day menu with a bonus Thanksgiving only grocery list.

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

November’s menu has 30 days of kid-friendly dinners including a Thanksgiving dinner for only $200 with FREE printable weekly grocery lists and a bonus grocery list for the simple Thanksgiving menu.

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

This months menu is very similar to lasts months.  I have included FREE printable versions of each recipe.  Click the picture of the recipe for a FREE printable PDF version of the recipe to add to your collection.  For step-by-step directions with pictures, click the text link below the recipe for more details.  The new recipes for this month will be posted throughout the month of November.  If you haven’t joined my e-mail list, enter your email at the top of the page and have all new menu plans and recipes sent right to your inbox.

How are you feeling about the weekly grocery lists?  Do you like them?  Would you prefer the monthly grocery list?  Would you prefer both?  Speak up in the comments at the bottom of the page, so that I can work on planning better menus for you to help make your life easier!  I love planning menus, so let me take the stress out of your life so you can just shop and then cook yummy kid-friendly dinners that everyone, even the picky eaters will eat.

For November, I shopped around at different stores like I did in the past months.  I did all of my shopping at Walmart, Sprouts, King Soopers and Safeway.  And got a lot of good deals at both King Soopers and Safeway, using my Club Card at each store saved me so much money.

If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, take a look at all of the weekly grocery lists, and make a list of the most popular items like the frozen veggies, chicken, ground beef, eggs and cheeses.  Buy these items in bulk as you can either freeze them, or they will keep in the fridge at Costco or Sam’s Club and save even more money on your grocery bill.  Using your club card, or your store card will save you even more money!  Like this month at Safeway, with my club carb I get ground beef for $2.99 a pound and canned beans for $0.60 a can!

This is how my spending worked out for the month:

Week One – November 1 – 7 – $50.38

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

King Soopers -$20.74

salad mix – $1.49
romaine lettuce – $0.99 ea
2 jalapeños (about 1/4 lb) – $0.99/lb – $0.24
1 lb roma tomatoes – $0.99
spaghetti – $1
hot dog buns – $1
tortilla chips – $1
8 oz shredded cheese – $1.99 ea
bacon – $2.99

Sprouts – $2.48

1 lb pinto beans – $0.99
1 lb brown rice – $0.99
1 head garlic – 2/$1 – $0.5

Walmart – $16.68

1 red onion (about 1/2 lb) – $0.98/lb – $0.49
flour tortillas – $1.34
caesar salad dressing – $1.98
teriyaki sauce – $1.48
parmesan cheese – $2.44
18 ct eggs – $4.97
frozen green beans – $1.97
frozen broccoli – $1.97

Safeway – $10.48

28 oz crushed tomatoes – $1 ea
28 oz tomato sauce – $1 ea
28 oz tomato puree – $1 ea
ground beef – $2.99/lb – this was an exclusive deal with my club card

Week Two – November 8-14 – $27.32

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

King Soopers – $13.02

salad mix – $1.49
romaine lettuce – $0.99 ea
roma tomatoes (about 1/2 lb) – $0.99/lb – $0.48
diced tomatoes with green chiles – $1
pasta – $1
BBQ sauce – $1
8 oz shredded cheese – $1.99 ea
chicken breast – $1.69/lb
frozen peas and carrots – $1

Sprouts – $2.98

1 lb yellow onions – $0.48/lb – this really is the price per pound – I LOVE Sprouts veggie deals!
1 head garlic – 2/$1 – $0.50
russet potatoes – 5lb bag – 2/$3 – $1.50
1/2 lb cornmeal – $0.99/lb – $0.50

Walmart – $ 3.85

soy sauce – $1.88
frozen corn – $1.97

Safeway – $7.47

pinto beans – $0.60 ea
taco shells – $1
ground turkey – $2.88/lb – this was an exclusive deal with my club card
ground beef – $2.99/lb – another deal by using my club card

Week Three – November 15-21 – $49.78

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

King Soopers – $26.06

salad mix – $1.49 ea
1/2 head cabbage (about 1 1/2 lbs) – $0.69/lb – $1.03 – if you ask at your local Kroger, they will slice cabbage in half for you
hamburger buns – $1
bbq sauce – $1
pasta – $1 ea
cream cheese – $1 – this was part of a buy 5 and save $5 event
8 oz shredded cheese – $1.99 ea
chicken breast – $1.69/lb

Sprouts – $1.70

1/2 lb brown rice – $0.99/lb – $0.48
1 lb yellow onions – $0.48
1 head garlic – 2/$1 – $0.5

Walmart – $18.64

16 oz velveeta (store brand) – $3.43
10 ct flour tortillas – $1.34
18 ct eggs – $4.97
15 oz whole milk ricotta – $1.94
pepperoni – $2.98
frozen peas – $1.97
frozen broccoli – $1.97

Safeway – $3.38

1 lb carrots – 2/$1 – $0.50
ground turkey – $2.88 – an exclusive deal with my club card

Week Four – November 22 – 30 – $28.80

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

King Soopers – $9.09

1 jalapeno (about 1/8 lb) – $0.99/lb – $0.12
6 oz sliced cheese – $1.99
8 oz shredded cheese – $1.99
bacon – $2.99
frozen corn – $1
frozen peas and carrots – $1

Sprouts – $1.20

1 lb yellow onions – $0.48
1 head garlic – 2/$1 – $0.50
2 green apples (about 1/4 lb) – $0.88/lb – $0.22

Walmart – $7.85

fire roasted tomatoes – $0.98
32 oz chicken broth – $1.68
12 oz egg noodles – $0.98
10 ct english muffins – $1.63
chipotle in adobo – $1.26
pint cream – $1.34

Safeway – $10.66

butternut squash – $0.79/lb
carrots – 2/$1 – $0.50
petite diced tomatoes – $1
tomato sauce – $1
pinto beans, black beans and kidney beans – $0.60 ea – a deal with my club card
loaf of bread (store brand) – $1
ground beef – $2.99/lb

Thanksgiving Dinner – $43.82

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro


King Soopers – $11.77

fresh poultry herbs – $1.99 ea
orange – $0.89 ea
turkey – $0.69/lb

Sprouts – $4.95

celery – $0.48 ea
1 lb yellow onions – $0.48
1 head garlic – 2/$1 – $0.50
green beans – $0.99/lb
russet potatoes – 5 lb bag – 2/$3 – $1.50
parsley – $0.50 ea

Walmart – $27.10

2 lbs baby carrots – $2.94
fresh cranberries – $1.98
mushrooms – $3.44
french fried onions – $2.28
fresh italian bread – $1
32 oz chicken stock – $1.63 ea
8 oz orange juice – $1.34
qt half and half – $2.16
2 lbs butter – $7.32
breakfast sausage – $2.98

This month I have included 4 new recipes, and a Thanksgiving dinner.  Keep checking your email throughout November to get all of the new recipes as soon as they post.  I will be sending out an email the week of Thanksgiving with all of the printable recipes for this simple Thanksgiving dinner in one place along with the grocery list.

November 1

Save any leftover CrockPot Spaghetti Sauce for meals later in the month.

This Spaghetti Sauce will make you famous! Easy Kid-Friendly Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

cheese stuffed meatballs surprise meatballs italian meatball recipe spaghetti and meatballs moms bistro

CrockPot Spaghetti Sauce and Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

November 2

chicken caesar salad wrap recipe moms bistro bacon

Quick and Easy 20-Minute Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

November 3

15 minute dinner bean refried beans tostada taco recipe moms bistro week night dinner easy

Use up those refried beans that we made last week in the October Menu or make a fresh new batch for this 15 minute dinner solution.

Tostadas – NEW!

November 4

Use up any leftover meatballs from the CrockPot Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs from Sunday to make this quick 15-minute dinner.

kid friendly meatball sub recipe moms bistro spaghetti sauce meatballs cheese stuffed recipe

15-Minute Meatball Subs

November 5


November 6

National Nacho Day.  In this weeks grocery list I included my favorite toppings for nachos; shredded cheddar cheese, jalapenos, roma tomatoes and leftover refried beans from the tostadas on Tuesday.

ultimate nacho bar

DIY Nacho Bar

November 7

We used quinoa in the picture, but you get the point.  Save the extra rice you make with dinner tonight for Egg Fried Rice on Monday.

30 minute teriyaki chicken and rice or quinoa recipe kid friendly

30 Minute Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

November 8

Plus learn how to grind your own chicken in this easy homemade chicken nugget recipe.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Hidden Vegetables Recipe

Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Hidden Veggies

November 9

Use up the leftover rice from the Teriyaki Chicken and Rice from Saturday.  If you want, toss the extra chicken in this recipe to make it Chicken Fried Rice.

share our strengths cooking matters vegetable fried rice

Egg Fried Rice

November 10

Use the leftover refried beans from last week for the side dish to this recipe.

cooking matters | share our strength | no kid hungry |} turkey tacos recipe

CrockPot Homemade Refried Beans Recipe Easy Kid Friendly

Turkey Tacos and Refried Beans

November 11


November 12

herb roasted chicken breast recipe juicy chicken moms bistro

creamy parmesan polenta recipe moms bistro side dish quick simple easy kid friendly leftovers

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast and Creamy Parmesan Polenta

November 13

Just make some plain ‘ol pasta and serve it up along side a salad.  Use the leftover spaghetti sauce from last week to make this easy dinner.

crockpot spaghetti sauce

November 14

never fail bbq meatloaf recipe moms bistro 30 minute meatloaf recipe kid friendly meatloaf

Never Fail BBQ Meatloaf

November 15

This recipe even has a homemade bbq sauce recipe.

easy kid friendly bbq chicken sandwiches crockpot recipe homemade bbq sauce hidden vegetables moms bistro

CrockPot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

November 16

ultimate macaroni and cheese

30-Minute Macaroni and Cheese

November 17

Use up the leftover chicken from Sunday night’s BBQ Chicken Sandwich and make these easy quesadillas.

easy bbq chicken quesadilla recipe moms bistro leftover chicken recipe easy kid friendly quesadilla recipe easy weeknight meal solution bbq chicken

20-Minute BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

November 18

italian turkey meatloaf recipe halloween food brains in blood meatloaf brains moms bistro kid friendly

November 19


November 20

quick and simple stir fry asian salad dressing week night meal dinner, variations moms bistro stirfry rice

Asian Stir Fry – New!

November 21

pepperoni pizza pasta bake pizza lasagna recipe moms bistro leftover spaghetti sauce

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Bake

November 22

simple game day chili recipe moms bistro easy chili

Simple CrockPot Game Day Chili

November 23

roasted butternut squash soup moms bistro fall recipes easy soup

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

November 24


November 25

Breakfast For Dinner

I included bacon and eggs on the grocery list for this easy dinner.  Or use up some of your pantry staples and make these easy and delicious buttermilk pancakes.

light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes recipe

November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy this simple Thanksgiving Dinner including all of the essentials.  Check your email throughout the month of November for all of the easy and delicious Thanksgiving recipes to accompany this menu.  Keep your eyes open for the Thanksgiving leftover recipes too.

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

Herb Roasted Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Brown Sugar Carrots

November 27


November 28

Turkey Sandwiches – NEW!

November 29

Turkey Noodle Soup – NEW!

November 30

15 minute english muffin pizza recipe moms bistro

15-Minute English Muffin Pizzas

If you’re looking for the FREE PDF Printable version of this months menu and grocery list, click the picture of the menu below, and download and print.

November Menu Free Printable Grocery List Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers Kid-Friendly Recipes Weekly Grocery List Moms Bistro

Click here to download all of this months recipes (not including Thanksgiving or the new recipes) in one file.

Want some more menu inspiration?  Check out the menus from October and September.

moms bistro september menu plan whats for dinner #monthofmeals kid friendly meal plan

october menu plan moms bistro budget menu


  1. Being able to download all the recipes in one fell swoop is my favorite feature this month!!! Also, I love the weekly grocery lists for weekly shopping, but I also liked the monthly list because it is easy to see what I may need to buy in bulk.

  2. I am new to this sight via pinterest. Exactly what Melissa said!!

  3. Lindsie, LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to download all the recipes at one time!! you save me oodles of time! I like the weekly grocery lists. I wish there was a way to custom group it. For example, group what is needed for Wednesday to Wednesday… but that would be so individual. 🙂 You truly are SO generous, amazing and such a gift to me! THANK YOU!!

  4. Caren Memmott

    What do you do for the DIY nacho bar? What kind of cheese do you use? What toppings are your favorite?

    • Hi Caren!

      I added a list of a few popular items to the November menu post, but this is our favorite combo:

      shredded mexican cheese
      diced tomatoes
      diced jalapenos
      chorizo or ground beef (cooked as taco meat)
      sliced olives

      We’re pretty simple when it comes to nachos, but I’ve had them with sour cream and guac which is absolutely delicious, and even more smothering them with a yummy queso dip!

  5. I’m super thankful for this site! However I’ve noticed if I just go off the pre made grocery list, there’s ingredients missing when I pull up the actual recipe and have to come up with alternatives. For example, Sundays Chicken Nuggets didn’t list zucchini. Not sure if I’m missing something? Maybe there’s an on-hand list I didn’t see? Thanks for all the your work you put into this! So far we have saved money and I greatly appreciate it!

    • Hey Brandie!

      I miss things sometimes, or my mind tracks off to what is in my personal fridge and pantry, and I forget to add things to the list. I’m getting better though, and hopefully soon there will be no missing ingredients.

      Thanks for bringing it up, I appreicate it. Lindsie =)

  6. Rebecca Hunt

    Do you happen to have a list of things that you normally keep in your pantry (flour, sugar, bread crumbs, etc)? Like an essentials list? Just wondering 🙂

  7. I wish my kids would eat half this stuff. It all sounds so good, but my children are ultra picky. They don’t do soups or salads, they won’t touch pasta unless it’s spaghetti, they don’t like BBQ sauce what so ever and forget Asian food…they’ll cry and refuse to even try it. My daughter loves her veggies but my son will barely eat them. I’ve all but given up getting them to eat healthier.

    • Ay! That must be frustrating! How old are your kiddos? Keep with what you know and introduce one or two new dishes a week. Start with a side dish to accompany one of their favorites. And serve food family style at the table. Kids seem to eat better when they can choose their own foods. And with dishes they already like, switch it up a little, like the pasta, just explain that you didn’t have regular spaghetti noodles, and you can show them how they are the same, and taste the same and maybe have them watch you cook them. If they want to, let them sample some foods while you’re cooking as a “taste test”. Anthony will get sassy at times when we eat other types of pasta than spaghetti too. And if they do like things with ground beef (maybe meatballs or tacos?), puree some veggies in a food processor until they are smooth, and then just cook that in with your meat. Good luck!

  8. Hi,

    I just found your site and I haven’t looked everything yet. My question is what size of a family these budget months are made? Thanks for the reply.

  9. Love it here!

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