24 Hour Telethon

Hey Y’all!

Well the telethon and social media mixer were a hit!  The telethon is in it’s 17th hour as I post these pictures from last night, and is going strong!  Last I heard, thanks to all of the generous donors, the Food Bank has raised $7,000!

My interview with Gregory Ng was amazing.  He made me feel so comfortable, and at home, and I didn’t feel shy at all.  We tried to record it with our video camera, but the audio wasn’t very good, so we have to wait for the YouTube video to be posted for y’all to see!  My hubby was even interviewed, and donated 20 free consultations in his office to the donors!  Thanks Dr. Zagiba!

After my interview, I helped sort sweet potatoes with the other 40 volunteers.  It was the Food Banks first midnight madness volunteer event, and again, it was a hit!  Together, we sorted over 12,000 lbs of sweet potatoes for the Food Bank!  This year alone, the food bank has donated over 3.4 MILLION pounds of sweet potatoes!  So, to fit the event, I made sweet potato pie!  You’d think after being elbow deep in sweet potatoes for two hours, you’d be sick of them – but every single pie was eaten!

Without further adu… here are some of the pictures from last nights event!

With Love,
Miss Lindsie



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