2017 Printable Weekly Planner

Stay organized in 2017! This printable planner has everything you need to keep track of your finances, menu planning and chores. The home planner kit includes plenty of pages for home organization such as cleaning, chores, debt tracking, bill pay, savings tracking and much more. These printable planner pages are the perfect way to stay on top of your to do list’s for you and your family!  You can buy my 2017 Planner for only $12 in my Etsy Shop with Promo Code PLAN2017.


Staying organized is important.  It saves you money and sanity.  2017 has already been a little crazy for me, and has made me lose track of a lot of projects on my list, which inspired me to make a planner for the year, and I wanted to share it with you!

Despite being a blogger, I am still a pen and paper girl.  I seem to stay more on track with my life when I write it down, and having a planner helps keep everything neat and in one place.  For 2017 I created a weekly planner with menu plans, grocery lists, to do lists, goals and my favorite part – the budget tracker.  Before having a planner, I had sticky notes all over the place, and would waste so much paper making to do lists.  Now, I have everything I need to track my bills, my week and my chores in one place.  The weekly planning sheets even have room to write in my menu for the week, and another spot to write my grocery list.


I have seen a lot of planners on Pinterest and Etsy before that are full of bright colors and shapes, and to me this is distracting, so I made my planner as simple as possible, similar to how I write my monthly menus and grocery lists.

2017 planner

See plain and simple, but it has everything you need to make your week flawless.  And to make sure that the month runs smoothly, the planner has a monthly goal tracker, calendar, cleaning schedule and my budget worksheet.

This is what you get:

84 Pages
0.5″ margins to fit all sorts of binders
8.5″ x 11″
300dpi high resolution PDF files
Instantly downloadable
Delivered in .zip file
Print ready

Note sections on almost every page with lots of space for brainstorming, jotting down bright ideas and getting focused on goals.  This planner is ver cost effective just print in black and white and add your own style and planning techniques with stickers, washi tape, colored pens, etc.

What you get:

– 2017 At A Glance
– January 2017 Budget Overview
– February – December 2017 Weekly Planner Pages with To-Do Lists, Menu Plans, Grocery Lists and Chore Charts
– Monthly Calendar
– Monthly Budget Worksheet
– Monthly Cleaning Schedule
– Monthly Goals
– Contacts
– Usernames and Passwords
– Notes Section

– Kitchen Helper Worksheet
– Spring Cleaning Checklist
– Pantry Essentials Checklist


I had my planner bound and printed at Office Depot.  This planner is only in black and white, so it’s very cost effective to have professionally printed and bound.  It cost me $9 with a coupon code I had to get my planner printed.

The planner also includes some of my favorite kitchen cheat sheets, a contacts page and an username and password tracker.2017 Planner

Staying organized has saved me so much money.  I always know whats for dinner, I always know what bills need to be paid, and I can keep on top of all those pesky cleaning chores.  I really love my planner, and I know that you will too.  Get your PRINTABLE copy on my Etsy Shop for only $12 with Promo Code PLAN2017.

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