A Healthy On-The-Go Lunch For Mom’s! Revolution Foods Lunch Bundles Review and Giveaway!

Do your kids love those on-the-go lunch packs?  Antony sure does, and it’s always such a special treat for him.  They make life so easy, but I am always left asking, “what is Mama gonna have for lunch?”  That usually ends up being more coffee or a donut… or both.  I always forget to pack something for me – especially because there are never really any easy choices that are healthy and unprocessed (donut aside).  To save Mom’s like me some of the worries about packing a healthy lunch, and taking the stresses out of on-the-go lunches, Revolution Foods offers Lunch Bundles – and your kids will love them too!

revolution foods lunch bundles

Revolution Foods Lunch Bundles offer nutrient dense meals that are packed full of protein, fiber and other vitamins and are low in fat and sodium.  Yay!  Kristin and Kirsten started Revolution Foods with the mission to transform the way America eats by providing access to healthy, affordable meals.  They believe that proper nutrition is a cornerstone of providing our youth the nourishment they need to lead successful, healthy lives. What began in schools, serving freshly prepared meals to students, has since grown to retail and today Revolutions Foods is proud to offer meal options for both families and students across the country.

Since the weather here in Colorado has been drunk and can’t make up its mind if it wants to rain, snow or shine, we ended up enjoying our Revolution Food Lunch Bundles for an early dinner at the Lantern Festival.  It was perfect!  The Lunch Bundles have minimal packaging which is really nice for being on-the-go, and the packaging makes a great plate!

revolution foods lunch bundles

Anthony chose the Sundipper and I chose the Superfood boxes.  We snacked on the Lunch Bundles while we decorated the lanterns.  I couldn’t even get a picture of it before my Father-In-Law took a marshmallow roasting stick and hooked a pretzel!  Needless to say the Lunch Bundles were a hit all around!

revolution foods lunch bundles

Each box contained different blends of coordinating snacks to make up a perfect lunch, and both boxes contained this Harvest Blend Trail Mix which I think needs to be sold on its own because it was so delicious.  The trail mix has; dried currants, dried cranberries, semi-sweet chocolate, pumpkin seeds, dried apples and dried blueberries.  DELICIOUS!  Almost every lunch bundle is gluten-free too.  My Lunch Bundle, Superfood had; chickpeas and almonds, real veggie crisps, harvest blend trail mix, corn and flax chips, and dark chocolate raisins.  Anthony’s bundle, Sundipper had; harvest blend trail mix, dried bananas, gluten-free pretzels, roasted soy nuts, no-nut butter.

revolution foods lunch bundles

I really liked these lunch bundles.  With Anthony going to kindergarten in August, I am going to like these lunch bundles for him.  Revolution Foods even has kid specific lunch boxes, the Bundle Box and those come in turkey & cheddar, ham & cheddar and popcorn chicken varieties.  The kid boxes come with a strawberry fruit snack too!

revolution foods lunch bundles

Revolution Foods Lunch Bundles made a perfect on-the-go meal, and it wasn’t just for lunch – it made a great dinner too!  If you’re looking for an easy lunch that you can just throw in a bag and go, check out these Revolution Food Lunch Bundles.

Want to try one?  Enter below by leaving a comment with what Revolution Foods Lunch Bundle you want to try!

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**I received a free lunch bundle in exchange for my honest review.  My opinions have not be influenced in any way.

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