Food Stamp Challenge – Day Four

Hey Y’all!

Today, was a little harder than usual.  I needed to go to the mall to buy a pair of shoes for work – exciting day out, I know! LOL.  But, we walked by the food court, and usually I dive into Chic-Fil-A and get a chicken sandwich, or to FiveGuys, and buy some fries.  But, I knew I couldn’t, and the temptation was killing me… We walked really fast past the food court, and continued shopping.

However, making the apple sauce last night really helped with breakfast, and not being as hungry throughout the day.  It is such an easy snack to make, and it was cheap.  I bought a bag of apples for $2.50 – that still leaves me with $19 and change in my budget!

For lunch we had roasted tomato soup and grilled cheese.  I made the grilled cheese into croutons.  It spruced it up a little bit, and made it not so boring.  For dinner, we are having baked ziti with the leftover tomato sauce from Tuesday.  And out of the big pot of sauce that I made, I still have quarts frozen for meals next week!  The $5 pot of ‘gravy’, makes at least four meals – and all you need is a box of pasta and maybe some meatballs!

How are you handling this challenge?  Share your thoughts!

With Love,
Miss Lindsie xo

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