FNS Challenge – Day 2

Hey Y’all!

Today hunger is more of a reality.  I am starting to feel the effects, and how my schedule is different.  Like right now, any other time I blog, I usually have a snack while I blog – how can’t I, I am talking about food, and it makes me hungry.

For breakfast, I made oatmeal.  I bought a huge container of oats from the grocery story for $2.47, and cooked two cups today – half a cup each.  I topped it with a little milk and brown sugar – I was lucky and could have the milk in my budget.

For lunch, I used part of last nights recipe for roast chicken.  After dinner, I picked apart the rest of the chicken, and put all of the bones in a big pot with some poultry seasoning, and a handful of the baby carrots that I use for lunch and half of one of the onions that I bought, and made a big batch of chicken stock.  From the stock, I will be able to make at chicken noodle soup two times.

I also made grilled cheese with lunch today.  I had bought two bags of shredded cheese, so I was able to use about 1/3 of a cup for the grilled cheese.  My budget also let me purchase butter, so I could fry the grilled cheese.

Remembering that I have $16.60 to spend a day, so far today, I have spent:

Oatmeal – $1.00
Milk for Oatmeal – $0.75
Soup – $2.50  (for the veggies and pasta that I used; I am not counting chicken or the broth since they were counted with yesterday’s meal [except the veggies to make the broth so, I added them to this total])
Bread – $1.00 (for the 8 slices I used)
Cheese – $0.41 (1/3 cup)
Total So Far:  $5.66 

For dinner tonight, we are having pasta. We make the sauce at home, so I bought a ton of tomatoes to make the gravy.  As of the end of lunch, I had $10.94 left for to made dinner.

Canned Crushed Tomatoes:  $5.00 ($1.00/can)
Tomato Sauce $0.66
Tomato Paste $0.33
Pasta $1.25 (it was $1.37, but I added some of that to the soup)
Total:  $7.24

Budget:  $16.60
Total for the day:   $12.90
Difference:  $3.70 left 

When I was grocery shopping, I was so scared to over buy, and spend too much money.  So far, including the $3.80 I had left over from yesterday, and the $3.80 from today I have $7.50 left in my budget.  I guess I could have bought a pound of ground beef, and had meatballs with my meal tonight – I already had the eggs, so it would have been no problem to make meatballs, and had a little protein with my meal.  Or buy some sausage, and have sausage with dinner, and cooked it in the gravy to flavor the gravy even more.  Or I could have treated us to a dessert after dinner.

This challenge is making me realize more and more how important budgeting my money is.  From watching other people’s videos, and reading posts, I am seeing how much easier it is for me to shop for a family on a budget than for just one person.  I was able to buy in bulk, and purchase healthier meals.  I can see how a small family can struggle, or just a single mom can struggle making the budget last, and stretch to feed the family.

I am excited to continue this challenge into next week.  I want to see how far I can make my dollar stretch, and see how many nutritional meals I can get.  I hope that I can have people join me in this journey – and maybe save a few dollars in their grocery bill, and see what their neighbors, or the children sitting next tho theirs in school are suffering from each day.

How are you handling the challenge?  Tell me – I want to hear about your experiences, your meals, you dilemmas.  Share with me!

With Love,
Miss Lindsie

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