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Get A Head Start on Spring Cleaning! DIY Tub Scrub Recipe and Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

I recently dyed my hair bright red, and my red hair has left me nothing but issues in my bath tub, leaving stains EVERYWHERE!  After a little bit of looking around on Pinterest, and a little bit LOT of experimenting cleaning the house, I have come up with my favorite version of "tub scrub".  I use this… Continue reading Get A Head Start on Spring Cleaning! DIY Tub Scrub Recipe and Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

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I’m A Detoxing – My Whole Body Detox Plan (www.eatingfourlife.com)

D.J. and I are detoxing.  We have a plan in mind, our fridge is stocked, and we're ready to juice! Since we need to prepare our bodies for the cleanse, we have a very specific plan in mind.  And just to see how well the cleanse worked, I took before pictures.  When we're done (next… Continue reading I’m A Detoxing – My Whole Body Detox Plan (www.eatingfourlife.com)

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Lyon Farms – Our Farm Visit

Well my birthday has come and gone for another year.  Everyone keeps asking me, do I feel older?  And the answer is no, not really - it's just another day.  What makes me feel old is seeing little babies out in public, and then looking at my Anthony, and wondering where the time went and… Continue reading Lyon Farms – Our Farm Visit

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Eat Your Way to Health: Minerals

What Are Minerals? Minerals are elements that originate in the soil and cannot be produced by living things like plants and animals.  However, plants, animals and humans need minerals to be healthy.  Plants absorb the minerals from the soil, and animals get their minerals through the plants or other animals that they eat.  The majority… Continue reading Eat Your Way to Health: Minerals

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Homemade Exfoliating Products

I just love homemade soaps and facial products.  It makes me feel good knowing what is going in them, and what I am actually putting into my body.  And, it is very important to exfoliate our skin from unwanted dead skin cells. Exfoliation can also unclog the oil and dirt that are living in your… Continue reading Homemade Exfoliating Products

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Sorting Potatoes!

Last night DJ and I volunteered at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.  In lieu of spending a ton of money on each other, and buying flowers that are going to die, D.J. and I decided to give our love to others, and give back for Valentines Day. Every Wednesday, from 6-8… Continue reading Sorting Potatoes!

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Say Cheese!

We made cheese, the recipe is listed here with step by step photos, but you can also view the simple and printable recipe here.  I wanted to make a post like this for you because it can be a little confusing what everything should look like with your curds and whey to make cheese and… Continue reading Say Cheese!

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Aromatherapy Blends

As I promised, here is a little list of aromatherapy blends, and some blends for different aches and pains! Try mixing these into a massage bar, or just blend with the carrier oil of your choice and enjoy the pure bliss of relaxation.  

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Aromatherapy describes the use of essential oils - potent aromatic substances extracted from all fragrant plants for healing - both physically and emotionally. There are many different uses for essential oils, when applied externally, they are absorbed through the skin reaching the bloodstream. Aromatherapy can be used through massage, by placing some oil in a… Continue reading Aromatherapy