14 kid friendly ground beef recipes

14 Easy Kid Friendly Ground Beef Recipes To Try For Dinner Tonight

Ground beef really is a wonderful ingredient.  Kids LOVE ground beef and it can be used in so many ways for dinner and lunch, plus, it is ALWAYS going on sale!  When you are wondering what to make for dinner with that ground beef that’s sitting in your fridge, try one of these 14 easy, kid friendly recipes tonight!

14 kid friendly ground beef recipes

14 Easy Kid Friendly Ground Beef Recipes

Let’s start it off easy.  These 20 minute sloppy joes were a staple of my childhood.  My Mom probably made them once a week for me and my picky Dad (feeding him is like feeding a 3 year old).  With only 4 ingredients, and a few vegetables if you want to sneak them in there, this recipe is really easy to make for busy week nights.

sloppy joes with hidden veggies 20 minute meal moms bistro

Since we have the hamburger buns out, make cheeseburgers with all that ground beef in your fridge. What do you like on your burger?

juicy homemade cheeseburger recipe moms bistro fathers day recipe easy cheeseburger recipe how to make a cheese burger

Speaking of burgers… You’ll never buy the boxed stuff again after trying this easy homemade cheeseburger macaroni recipe.

homemade cheeseburger macaroni recipe homemade hamburger helper easy recipe kid friendly macaroni and cheese moms bistro

To continue along with the pasta theme, make a simple meat sauce, or ragu if you prefer by sautéing your ground beef, and then adding some homemade crockpot spaghetti sauce.
week night meal solution 30 minute pasta with meat sauce spaghetti and meat sauce recipe moms bistro

Not feelin’ meat sauce?  How about meatballs?  We call these ones surprise meatballs in our house, but they are simply mozzarella cheese-stuffed meatballs, and are super easy to make!

cheese stuffed meatballs surprise meatballs italian meatball recipe spaghetti and meatballs moms bistro

Use up those leftover meatballs, and make some meatball subs for dinner.


kid friendly meatball sub recipe moms bistro spaghetti sauce meatballs cheese stuffed recipe

Another highly requested meal around here is tacos.  These easy 20 minute ground beef tacos are packed full of vegetables, and your kids won’t even know that they are in there!
taco night 20 minute ground beef tacos tacos with hidden vegetables week night meal taco tuesday moms bistro

Use up the leftover taco meat and make taco quesadillas.  They make a great freezer meal, for a grab and go lunch!

taco quesadilla recipe leftover recipe ground beef recipe ground beef taco recipe moms bistro 15 minute meal

This is my most highly requested meal at home by Anthony.  Meatloaf is a classic for ground beef.  This recipe works every time, and best of all, it’s loaded with vegetables that your kids won’t even know are in there!

never fail bbq meatloaf recipe moms bistro 30 minute meatloaf recipe kid friendly meatloaf

In a time crunch?  Cook up the meatloaf in a hurry and make meatloaf cupcakes.  Top with some mashed potatoes, if you got them for a really authentic cupcake look!
april fools food | meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potatoes icing recipe

Speaking of mashed potatoes.  Shepherd’s Pie is a great way to get your kids to eat some vegetables, and of course, uses ground beef.  This was another staple of my childhood, and one of my favorite winter meals.

traditional shepherd's pie recipe with hidden vegetables


No potatoes?  How about tater tots?  Kids LOVE tater tot casserole, and this recipe is super easy to make, you could even prepare it ahead of time as a freezer meal so that all you have to do is toss it in the oven.  I love easy meals, don’t you?

tater tot casserole


If you don’t have tater tots, you can pretty much make the same thing by making ground beef strognaoff.  The only difference between tater tot casserole, and ground beef stroganoff is the egg noodles and the tater tots.

20 minute ground beef stroganoff recipe moms bistro

And last but not least, if your in the mood for Asian food, Korean beef and rice, is a good idea.  At least I think so.  It’s an easy way to have your favorite Korean beef and rice without having to spend a ton on beef.  Plus, kids usually prefer ground beef.

easy 20 minute korean beef and rice recipe

What are your favorite ground beef recipes?  Share them in the comments below to inspire others!


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